Free Magento Extension: Add the visitors’ browser and platform to your template’s <body> class

What is BodyClassPlus?

A small, free Magento extension that adds the visitors' browser and platform information as classes to the <body> element of every page. For example: "ie ie7 windows", "firefox windows", "safari mac" etc.


Because extra CSS files for IE, IE7 and IE8 are bulky, conditional comments are 'soooo 2010' and it's just really handy. You could for example place all your hasLayoutfixes in your styles.css like so:

Or do something browserspecific like:

Will it break my webshop?

No! It's a really small extension and it only adds the extra functionality discriped above.

How to install?

Unzip & upload, that's it.

It doesn't work ...

Flush your Cache ;)

How to get it?

Download it here (Pay with a Tweet)

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Erwin Otten

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  • Erwin

    (mar 21)
    Reply to this comment

    Note that if you are using some kind of pagecache module, this extension will probably be useless (since those modules will save the complete output of your pages as a flat file, including it’s bodyclasses). However, if you are just using Magento Community’s default caches BodyClassPlus will work great.

  • website promotions

    (jan 31)
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    Die besten wesentlichen Informationen ist dies, dass Sie versuchen, sehr gut zu tun, dass Obdachlosigkeit für nähern Körper und ihre helfende Hand. Ich bin so etwa, dass inspiriert, nach dem Lesen Ihres dieses nützliche geschriebene Artikel und Ihre Meinungen zu auch die so attraktiv für etwas tun für diejenigen,

  • C. Walstra

    (feb 16)
    Reply to this comment

    Dear Erwin,

    The tool looks great, but when I am testing with the module it will not work. I have unpacked and installed the module, but when I am testing it in the styles it will not work. I want to use it browserspecific and tested a couple of functions, also your example of body.ie6 {display:none} (to make sure I was not doing any thing wrong). I want to change a couple of things in the navigation bar so #navigation. If it would work and I want to make the changes in ie7 how would the code look like: .ie7 #navigation or #navigation.ie7.

    Let me know because it would make a big different if it would work.


    • Erwin Otten

      (feb 18)
      Reply to this comment

      Hmm, the working of this module is pretty simple and it should definitely work straight out of the box! Try to install it again (maybe something went wrong) and try to remove caches. As a way to check if it did install successfully, take a look at the html output of your browser or use an inspector.

  • Magento Extensions

    (mei 08)
    Reply to this comment

    Superb!!! The body of the text is highlighting the class here…From that, we can easily track the visitors by using browser options ...

  • Patrick

    (sep 16)
    Reply to this comment

    Dude, how do I install this on Magento Go??



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