Comic: Magento categories not showing

Door Erwin Otten
2 april 2011
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Magento updates

Every designer or programmer knows how it feels: you are excited about an idea and in your rush to create a proof of concept, you get stuck on some stupid mistake - you otherwise would have never made. I recently had the exact same experience when creating our free BodyClassPlus module; my categories just wouldn't show up in my top navigation. To protect myself (and you) from this to ever happen again, I've created a small comic.

Magento comic categories not showing

Remember guys, if your categories aren't showing in your top navigation and you are pulling your hair out again:

  • Configure 'maximal depth' in the admin panel
  • Set the root category as default category for your store view
  • Check if all your categories are children of the root category
  • Make sure your child categories are set to 'visible' and 'anchor' (if you want them to show you some products too)
  • Try with flat categories turned on or off
  • Refresh Caches
  • Rebuild Indexes
Toni Anicic

I think that happened on one occasion to us as well :D

Erwin Otten

Haha Wow, if it's even happening to Inchoo then it must be a common problem ;). Thanks for the comment mister Toni!

Stefan Schwann

Hahaha i like this comic it's so real :-)

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