Free Magento Module: Google Analytics Dashboard

Door Erwin Otten
26 april 2011
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Google Analytics is a brilliant tool for tracking visits and learning more about your visitors. However, if you want a quick look at your webshops' stats, logging in to your account is quite some hassle. To make things a little easier for you (and, if you are a webdesigner: to make things a little easier for your customers), we've created Analyticsdash; a simple, integrated overview of your most important stats directly accessible from your Magento admin panel.


  • A quick overview of today's and yesterday's visits, pageviews, average pages per view, and average time on the site.
  • And overview of top content and top referrals.
  • Quick and easy to install, configure your website id, username, password and desirable cache lifetime
  • Will cache if block caching is enabled
  • Quick access button to your full report at


  • Copy the files provided to your Magento installation
  • Browse to System > Configuration and click on the tab on the left: Analytics.
  • Fill in your information. For the Profile ID, login to Google Analytics and select your profile. You'll find the profile ID in the URL of your profile, e.g.: Old Analytics or the New Analytics.
  • Refresh cache

Download ZIP

Please let me know if you are experiencing problems. I've only tested this module in Magento 1.5, but I don't think it will give problems in older versions. If you want to stay informed about updates and new freebies, you definitely want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Otherwise, you can find us at Twitter.

Erwin Otten

For those who are getting an error, please read what the error says.

- If you get Error=BadAuthentication, please double check your login information (account and password).
- If you get the error "User does not have permission to access profile xxx", please check your permissions at Google Analytics.

Also, if you want to uninstall the module please delete app/etc/modules/HO_Analyticsdash.xml or edit it and change 'true' to 'false'.



I am getting this error:
GAPI: Failed to authenticate user. Error: "Error=BadAuthentication Url=https://x Info=WebLoginRequired "

I am certain that the PWD is correct, and I have copied the link in this error message, and authenticated it. What can I do to fix this ?

Erwin Otten

You can uninstall Analyticsdash just like any other module:

1: Disable caching, remove all caches via the admin panel (or just remove var/cache in your magento root)
2: Delete app/etc/modules/HO_Analyticsdash.xml or edit it and change ‘true’ to ‘false’.



How can In uninstall this, it is not working on our website, I tried everything. It does not even let me know to refresh the cache.

Please let me know the instruction to unistall this.



Works great, but we are using it in an multi store environment and at this time stores all data for multiple stores but only showing on store under analytics tab. Is there any possibility to switch between the stores or to show the data from all stores?

Paul Hachmang

Haha, I was afraid someone was going to ask this question sooner or later. As you guessed it's not possible right now, but maybe we could implement something like a multi profile setup in the future. I'll think about it.

Photocopiers & Multifunction Printers

Another nice solution guys and thanks for sharing, but I notice that the 'Top Referrals' list is to the right of the pie chart rather than beneath it!



Thanks Ben - this worked. Sounds like this needs to be updated in the download.


Thanks Ben, this cracked it.


Sorry, try replacing:
span style="float:left;width:100%;background:#fff;text-align:center;padding:10px 0"

span style="width:100%;background:#fff;text-align:center;padding:10px 0;display:block;"


Navigate to app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/Analyticsdash/index.phtml

find this:

and replace with this:

Thanks for the extension guys, quite useful :)


Hello, module works really great. i'm the Admin of adn i have created a user just to create products but in roles, i can not find the analyticsdashboard to assign permission to view this tab to newly created user.

do you have a trick for this?

when i log in with admin, tab is there, when i log in with user, no dash :(

thank you


Hy, could please someone reply to my question? thank you very much

Paul Hachmang

Hi Simone,

Although this should work, there seems to be a bug. I'm working on an update which addresses the roles issue. Besides that, I'm also looking into the multi store environment. I expect a release somewhere next week.



it works on ?

in admin panel i see this error:

Fatal error: Class 'HO_Analyticsdash_Helper_Data' not found in C:\wamp\www\magento1401\app\Mage.php on line 523


ok! thanks!

Paul Hachmang

I noticed during the development of the update of this module that there are some bugs. In the new release I expect this to be fixed as well. Still planned somewhere next week.


works perfect in and to find the profile id look at link when going to VIEW REPORTS and loo in url: <-----------------here

thanks !


Thanks, works perfect on 1.5.1
Waiting for multiple account update

Satish M.

You did good work with snap shots. The most significant feature of Magentocommerce is multiple website or Multi store feature. Magento allows multiple websites or web stores within one installation. You can get same and more info about the setting of magento multi store here.

Crystal D.

Thanks for this module, it's great. For some reason, I don't show the top referring links- like it shows in the screen shot. I only have the piechart. Am I missing something?

Thanks :D

Paul Hachmang

Could you please try it in a browser like Firefox or Google Chrome, do the top referrers show then?

Crystal D.

I have been using Firefox to access the backend of my magento install because of IE and Chrome won't allow me to log in, think it has something to do with cookies/ session management, a problem I haven't had the time to resolve yet. Still have the piechart but no links.


Hi Paul - copied 3 folders/files into /app folders, refreshed cache, can see top Analytics nav (Error=BadAuthentication which is expected before configuration), but I am getting a 404/page not found in the System | H&O | Analytics config link to add my Google info. Link it is pointing to is: - any idea on that? Thanks!


Thanks, that worked out for me! This website is great!


Thanks Paul - logout/login worked. I forgot about that Magento nuance. Look forward to testing and checking this module out.

Paul Hachmang

Try clearing your cache and then log out and log in and then try again.


Also it is standard install and logged in as full admin.


I too would like to see a version that supports multiple websites! -Thanks for providing this nifty little module!

Joe Fletcher

I've been waiting for a Google Analytics Dashboard Magento extension like this for over 2 years! I tried out Jiraffe Analytics once, but it was too buggy (circa 4/2011).

There was an alignment issue for some of the cells (Chrome 14 beta Win 7) as seen here:

I fixed mine with style="vertical-align:middle;"


On 1.5, works great. Thank you for sharing this extension.

Request: Could you please add E-Commerce stats to the analytics dashboard as well? I imagine most store owners would want to see it :)

Erwin Otten

Hi Jay. Good to hear it works for you. Adding E-Commerce stats is not a bad idea, we'll think about it. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi I just installed the extension on 1.6, cleared cache, logged out/in, and still receiving the error:
GAPI: Failed to authenticate user. Error: "Error=BadAuthentication "

any thoughts? I am using the profile ID and not our UA tag.

Thanks, looking forward to using a great extension!

Erwin Otten

Ah, glad you figured it out! I was going to say you'd probably typed your password wrong ;)


issue resolved, I had fat-fingered my password so it was erroring out. great extension!

neb nall

this extension rocks!!!, how would i go about adding blocks to the admin dashboard? say under the last search terms etc..blocks like todays visits, yesturdays visits and pie chart???...once again awsome extension HO'

Paul Hachmang

This is actually a good idea! Thanks for the suggestion!


I keep getting the authentication error on the dashboard... GAPI: Failed to authenticate user. Error: ....
But if I click on View Full Report it opens it in analytics just fine. checked my credentials 3 times over, but it's not making a difference

Pieter de Jong

Geweldige plugin! Eenvoudig te installeren.

Heel hartelijk bedankt!


Installed the Google Analytics in Magento CE 1.5.1. I get the following message:
"GAPI: Failed to authenticate user. Error: """.
The [View full report] option works fine and gives me access to my Google Analytics account as it should be.
What is causing this problem and how is it solved?


You're welcome

Paul Hachmang



The special caracter : @

Paul Hachmang

What was the special character that caused the problem?


For information, I had remove special caracter in my password.
Now it works.

Paul Hachmang

This is almost always due to faulty credentials, please double, triple check.


I had the same problem with a Magento


With Magento, this produced the error that was already mentioned above: The frontend works fine, but the backend after refreshing all caches only shows "Fatal error: Class ‘HO_Analyticsdash_Helper_Data’ not found in xxx\app\Mage.php on line xxx" (for me it was line 516 this time). Only solved it by killing the cache and removing all Analyticsdash files. Would've been a great add-on...



I was just wondering if there is any update to the custom user role bug where the Analytics tab is not visible to non admin users ?

Otherwise a fantastic addition to magento
Thanks :)

Erwin Otten

Seems to work great, Bob. Thanks for your valuable addition.


For anyone else having an issue with custom permission roles you need to add the following block of code on line 47 directly after <resources> to enable you to enable the Analytics option in the main menu




Seem to work great here to! Thank you so much for this great extension!


Any news regarding the multiple store front update?


I have been able to configure my login settings (systen>configuration>Analytics) However the top link doesn't appear. The entire Google Analytics dashboard isn't viewable at all. Did someone ran into the same issue? H&O, please advise, thanks in advance.


Also just found out that System>configuration>advanced>'system' and 'admin' didn't work anymore. It gave me an error 500. Version Now deleted everything, which restored it back to normal. I would like to have this feature though.. :(


Hey Paul, just a side note: Looks like they ( are selling your "free" Analytics Modul.
Beside that: Any updates planned for Magento
Great extension, keep going! :)


In welk map moet ik het exact uploaden?
Ik heb het nl in de app map geplaatst maar zie de extensie niet onder systeem/configuratie.

Alvast bedankt voor de antwoord.

Erwin Otten

Hoi Qbizner, Dat is waarschijnlijk een kwestie van uit- en weer inloggen op het adminpanel. Dat heb je altijd als je een nieuwe Magento module installeert die een eigen admin pagina heeft! Succes, Erwin


Ik heb wel gevonden waar ik de bestanden moest plaatsen en dat heb ik ook gedaan. Maar krijg nu een error 404 als ik op systeem/configuratie op Analytics klik. Mis ik nog ergens een bestand? En even voor de duidelijkheid, ik zie ook alvast de Analytics link naast de dashboard tabblad.


Not working in 1.7, not show any thing, any idea how it works?.....


Nice module, worked out of the box! Managing several stores is in the road map? Thanks!


Thanks, works perfect with


Installed fine. Looks pretty. Seems to be working perfectly in Magento CE.

One question: Is there a way to control the time zone? The module seems to be living in UTC and I'm living in UTC-8.



thanks for this extension. Ive installed correctly but all the data is set to 0. my google analytics propertly is 1 year old

any ideas?


Great extension! ive installed correctly but no data is coming into magento admin

any ideas?


I am using magento I have installed your extension but I got following erorr
"GAPI: Failed to authenticate user. Error: "Error=BadAuthentication"
Any thought? Thanks

World Gufts

I have Magento 1.6.1 and it does not work in spite of doing everything written above


Guys, if you are having issues with permissions, you have to access first, with whatever account you are trying to login with.
Once you do this, the module should start working


Hey Blair, I'm Magento 1.7 and your tweak worked, thanks heaps!


Hi, plz how can i use this module, H&O analytics on a multiple website Magento?
our magento manage 8 websites, and we have the H&O analytics module, i want to configure it to all my websites (the result of each websites).


i am working with magento 1.8 and i need to setup google analytics to admin panel.i found this extension but not getting how to get these details can u give me detailed description on how to get these ids and do i need to add analytics code anywhere on my store..please help me

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