Launching Simplestore, our first Magento theme

Door Erwin Otten
30 augustus 2011
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Magento updates

Wow, it has been a few months since we wrote our last blogpost already. Fortunately not without reason, as we have just been very busy! But before I tell you what we've been up to, I would like to say thanks to all the people who have been downloading one of our free Magento modules. It's great to see so many people downloading, experimenting and trying out our software. Also a big thank you for the positive responses and new idea's; you really inspired us.

So what is it that kept us from writing or sharing something new? Well, clients, mostly. But also the idea (and execution) of creating our first, commercial Magento Theme. "Why would you?", you could ask, since there already are a lot of them. Well, mostly because they all suck and secondly because they don't suit our needs.

You see, we've come to the point that we can we can choose which way to fulfill a client's quest for starting in eCommerce. We can choose between Magento, ExpressionEngine with Cartthrob, ExpressionEngine with BrilliantRetail or ExpressionEngine with something lightweight like simpleCart. Our choice depends heavily on project requirements, but also on project scale. The biggest problem? Creating small scale shops with a nice fitting custom design. All solutions mentioned above always require lots of work, even when the client just wants to sell a few products. I've seen shops containing just 50 products consuming over 40 - 60 hours. "That's crazy", you could say: "No, that's Magento."

So when searching for a solution, we came up with the idea of creating our own theme. A theme that's easy to install, does configuring for you, gets rid of extra functionality in a nice way, has an original look and could easily be customized without lots of effort and does not just looks good because of tons of fancy stock photo's. A theme we could actually use to save ourselves time and could function as a fundament for lots of projects to come. That theme has become Simplestore.

So without further ado, please take a look at our newest product called Simplestore. I really think you will be impressed by it's practical use.

Ps: Simplestore comes with 7 free presets to give you an idea how easy it is to change its look with just minor changes. Check them out (click one below to see them all):


it looks brilliant. I am curious,is it for sale or 'open source' ? :)
Keep up the good job!


Hallo Erwin,

De pagina is niet meer beschikbaar.

Erwin Otten

It's for sale :), you can find more info here


Really nice theme. It's really simple. I will deffently consider this for my next store.

Keep up the good work!

Harris Mealor

Really nice theme. It’s really simple.


Professional theme, are you planing on making more in the future?

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